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Rent our Truck!

This 1954 Chevrolet truck has lots of antique charm and can be yours to rent, today!


  • Local photographers - for a full day of mini sessions, this will make for a great backdrop to family photos or portraits. $100 for a full day.

  • Family photo sessions - for a single session to use for your family photos, engagement photos, senior photos, etc. $50 for your single session

  • Weddings - display your desserts and wedding cake in a unique way! Use for an engagement session or even on your special day with family and friends. $100 for a full day.

  • Special events - rent the truck for baby or bridal showers to display your gifts! Can even be used at parties or vendor shows to display your handmade pieces. $100 for a full day.

  • Family gatherings/backyard barbeques - Display your food and drinks on our truck! $100 for a full day.

  • Any other use!

The truck includes:

  • Canvas canopy attaching to the bed of the truck (optional)

  • Two wood shelves attaching to either side of truck (optional) - great for food display at events

  • Insured!

  • Delivery and pick up of the truck by us ONLY! - 62.5 cents per mile, both ways.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Chevy Truck
Chevy Truck

Conestoga, Pennsylvania


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