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Hey there! It's me, Morgan Simone. As if you already haven't figured that out. My small business consists of me, and well, me! Making it very small. I don't know exactly when my business came into fruition. Maybe some time in college when a co-worker asked me to design her niece's wedding invites (2014) or the day my business actually became "official (2017)." And by that I mean, the day the government told me I have to pay tax on all my earnings. You know, the thing we don't exactly want to do, but HAVE to do. Either way, here I am, designing not only to fulfill my creative side, but to provide you, the client, with something you genuinely love to look at. If you haven't peeked at my designs by now, you will soon find out that I love color, simplicity and floral! But know, that's not all I can do. Whatever you as the client has in mind, know that I will make your design dream into reality. No matter what it takes, I want my clients to walk away saying, "hey, this chick nailed it."

Now, here's a quick background of how I came to be as a business owner and what I do when I'm not designing. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in art from Millersville University, PA in 2014. That same year, I landed my first job with Fulton Bank as a graphic designer. To this day, I am still employed there. Aside from that, I own this business, DUH! Working for Fulton is great, but sticking to a certain brand doesn't always allow for you to be super creative. So, my business, of course, let's me be creative as I want. When my eyes aren't peeled to the computer screen, my body is actively keeping up with my two children. Bentley (7) and Marleigh (5) and my husband Carmen of nine years are my world! I thoroughly enjoy mountain trips, reading mystery and thrillers, crochetting, running, kayaking, and eating.

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